If I decide to do temperature checks, what is the best way to do them?

Employers who are considering engaging in temperature checks need to carefully think through all the potential issues and risks. First, only someone with proper training and personal protective equipment should be taking the temperature of other people. The method and accuracy of the thermometer should be considered. For example, there have been reports in the general media that temperature scanning guns have accuracy issues. Second, the person taking the temperature must have appropriate personal protective equipment so that they are properly protected. Third, necessary hygiene and sanitation procedures must be followed so as not to cause an inadvertent spread of COVID-19 or any other disease. To the extent an employer has an on-site medical staff person, that person may be most appropriate to designate for conducting temperature checks.

Should my employees be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and if so, which, and how should they be deployed?

Examples of PPE include: gloves, goggles, face shields, face masks, and respiratory protection, when appropriate. Employers are always obligated under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and similar state laws to provide their workers with any PPE needed to keep them safe while performing their jobs. The types of PPE required during a COVID-19 outbreak will be based on the risk of being infected or spreading the virus if they are a carrier while working and job tasks that may lead to exposure.