Sheila Harvey builds upon her father’s foundation at A+ Corporation


June 2, 2015
BR Business Report – After 25 years as chief financial officer of A+ Corporation, Sheila Harvey was prepared to take on a bigger role following the 2012 passing of her father, Donald Mayeaux, who founded the maker of analytical sample systems and components in 1989.

“In a family business you wear many hats, and over the 24 years I had handled a lot more than the CFO duties,” Harvey tells Business Report in its Executive Spotlight feature from the current issue. “I was involved in the larger decision making through my role on the board and learned a lot about this industry and manufacturing, and surrounded myself with people to fill in the gaps.”

With her extensive accounting background working in various industries, Harvey had the experience needed to help expand the family business. Working previously with her father and brother—and now with her son and daughter-in-law—she sees A+ Corporation as a family member itself and is passionate about continuing the family legacy.

“We will continue to innovate, design and manufacture new products. We have several products in research and development that are currently being patented and tested,” Harvey says. “Another of our goals is to utilize technology so well that it becomes a competitive advantage for us. We are looking for and implementing ways to enrich our customers’ experience on our website.”

Read the full Executive Spotlight Q&A with Harvey. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find:

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?

“I don’t consider myself an entrepreneur in the sense that my father was. I am not an inventor. I do, however, have the spirit of constant improvement, and I am always looking for new ways to do things and for new products. I embrace change and love learning new things. I have a huge interest in other family-run businesses, especially manufacturers.”