Louisiana Statewide Incentives

LED FASTSTART® — The nation’s No. 1 workforce training program, FastStart creates customized employee recruiting, screening and training solutions — at no cost to eligible companies.

ANGEL INVESTOR TAX CREDIT  — Up to a 25 percent tax credit for individual investors who invest in early stage, wealth-creating businesses that seek start-up and expansion capital.

QUALITY JOBS — Up to a 6 percent rebate on annual payroll expenses for up to 10 years and either a 4 percent sales/use tax rebate on capital expenses or a 1.5 percent project facility expense rebate for qualifying expenses.

DIGITAL INTERACTIVE MEDIA AND SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT INCENTIVE — A 25 percent tax credit for in-state labor, and an 18 percent credit for eligible production expenditures.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT TAX CREDIT — A tax credit up to 30 percent to existing businesses with operating facilities in Louisiana to establish or continue research and development within the state.

ENTERPRISE ZONE — Either a $3,500 or $1,000 tax credit for each certified net, new job created and either a 4 percent sales/use tax rebate on capital expenses or 1.5 percent investment tax credit for qualifying expenses.

RESTORATION TAX ABATEMENT — A 100 percent property tax abatement for up to 10 years for the rehabilitation of an existing structure.

ENTERTAINMENT JOB CREATION PROGRAM — A 15 percent or 20 percent tax credit on annual wages to qualified entertainment companies (QEC) that create a minimum of five well-paid net new jobs for Louisiana residents.

FEDERAL OPPORTUNITY ZONES — Provides a federal tax incentive for investors to re-invest their capital gains into Opportunity Funds.Louisiana residents.

INDUSTRIAL TAX EXEMPTION — An 80 percent property tax abatement for an initial term of 5 years and the option to renew for 5 additional years at 80% property tax abatement on a manufacturer’s qualifying capital investment related to the manufacturing process in the state.

SOUND RECORDING INVESTOR TAX CREDIT — A production credit of 18 percent for eligible production expenditures.

MOTION PICTURE PRODUCTION PROGRAM — Up to a 40 percent tax credit on eligible in-state production expenditures, including resident and non-resident labor.

MUSIC JOB CREATION PROGRAM — A 10 percent or 15 percent credit on annual wages to qualified music industry-related companies (QMC) that create a minimum of three well-paid net new jobs for Louisiana residents..

LIVE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTION PROGRAM — Up to 25 percent tax credit for musical and theatrical productions, refundable or transferable on a one-time basis.

Special Programs for Small Business:

BONDING ASSISTANCE PROGRAM — Provides access to quality bid, payment and performance bonds at reasonable rates from surety companies when bonding capacity is needed on public or private jobs.

CEO ROUNDTABLES — Peer groups that give executives the opportunity to discuss business practices and management strategies with other executives who deal with similar growth challenges.

SMALL BUSINESS LOAN AND GUARANTY PROGRAM — Provides loan guarantees to banks and other small business lenders in association with the SSBCI ranging from $5,000 to $1.5 million.

SMALL AND EMERGING BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM — Provides for developmental assistance, including entrepreneurial training, marketing, computer skills, accounting, legal and industry-specific assistance.

HUDSON INITIATIVE — Certification program offers greater access to purchasing and contracting opportunities at the state government level.

LOUISIANA CONTRACTORS ACCREDITATION INSTITUTE – BUSINESS AND LAW — Provides small and emerging construction businesses critical information about construction management and operating a construction-related business.

LOUISIANA CONTRACTORS ACCREDITATION INSTITUTE – GENERAL CONTRACTORS — Provides foundational technical knowledge that is essential to a general contractor in order to sustain and grow a business within the construction industry.

LOUISIANA VETERAN ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM — Provides training to give veterans the tools needed to develop their business ideas, including business planning, marketing, financing, capital formation and other aspects of business development..

MENTOR-PROTÉGÉ RECOGNITION PROGRAM — Connects Louisiana-based small and emerging businesses to technical and developmental assistance provided by mentor companies.

STEP GRANT — Provides financial awards to state and territory governments to assist small businesses with export development.

VETERAN INITIATIVE — Helps veteran-owned and service-connected disabled veteran-owned small businesses gain greater access to purchasing and contracting opportunities at the state level.